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Is Your Love Big Enough

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Romans 13:10 ESV

“Love does no wrong to a neighbor. Love, therefore, is the fulfillment of the law.” ~  Romans 13:10  ~

In the book of Romans we are taught a lesson of justice and charity. We are reminded of what we have to do as stewards. We are also reminded that we should not owe any one anything except to love. The debt that we have to pay in any relationship, or to anyone we know, should be summed up and included in the only debt called love. Loving one another should be the only debt that must always be paid and will always be owed. 

The law that our Father has written and engraved on our hearts to obey, is a law that is simple yet very hard for us to act upon. Why? How can simple words become such a hard task to accomplish? When we only see the mistakenness of others, we blind ourselves to seeing the treasure that God has created them to be; as well as, seeing the treasure in ourselves. My parents always told me growing up that if my good intentions lie dormant, then I am just as much to blame as a guilty person. That has always driven me to put love into my speech and actions. To always smile and show someone respect. Apathy should never be an ally. The enemy we eliminate in our lives should be the lack of interest to treat our neighbor with compassion and love. Our only ally should be our child-like faith and Christ centered love that speaks life into each other. But fear is a crippling enemy that wants us to think with hatred and that we are the only ones that matter in creation. We are not.

God loves us unconditionally and even though we do not acknowledge Him at times, He still loves us. We should treat our neighbor that very same way, remind and show them that they are wanted and loved. Everyone is created with value and a purpose whether they have figured it out or not. We have love to share because the source in which we receive our supply will never run out, so neither should we. But how can we love our neighbor? Is our love truly big enough for what is being asked of us? Do we truly love ourselves enough to put others first? When we truly have faith in God’s love, then the wideness of God’s love does inspires us to spread the same love to our neighbors. Our words and actions should devour the hearts of those that do not know love and erase the shame that tends to feed on our beings.  

Question to Consider: How do I know if my love is big enough? What can I do to start loving my neighbor with the love of the Father? 

Prayer: Father, help show me how to love You and my neighbor as You have loved me. Remind me of your unlimited supply for me to be able to have strength every day to love others, showing them their value. Lord, I would like to be a light of love destroying the fear in the hearts of myself and my neighbors.

Weekly Memory Verse: Psalm 118:5 – In my distress I prayed to the Lord, and the Lord answered me and set me free

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