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Let The Light In: Good Enough

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” – 1 Peter 2:9

Imagine you are lying awake in bed, the reason you cannot sleep is because all of the lies that you keep locked up in your head come alive. Pressing thoughts, “Did I do my very best today?” “Why can’t you just be more pleasing to people?” “You will never be good enough.” “This is why people don’t like you.” “You will never amount to your true potential and be known.” “You are pathetic and that is why people do not like you.” Swirling thoughts that seem to add more negative thoughts the more you become more in tune to the night. You then turn to what you think is some sanity, your cell phone and turn to the “calming” social media for a distraction. But social media in a filtered world is too perfect for your unfiltered mind right now so your thoughts and now newly discovered loneliness gets the better of you. You scroll instead of sleeping… Compares faces instead of sleeping… “You will never measure up to them.” “You will never be more known like them.” It is in that moment you realize you are weeping.

You don’t know if you have ever felt more alone. Nothing makes sense to top it off, you are more than just as lost with what your negative thoughts told you. You then realize how far lost in this mental labyrinth left with what seems with no way out. More than naught you have half awake wandered through the walls, building from negative thoughts you feed yourself to keep busy. These halls of mirrors (lies), faces constantly staring back at you that is of someone else. These rooms you have built and tried to find freedom (lost), you have opened a few remembering how to pick the locks but some of the bigger rooms you find you cannot remember where the very detailed key for a very secure lock is hiding. To your dismay you have forgotten how to leave. Everywhere you have turned is always another wall… there is always another wall… another negative voice. “You will NEVER escape.” “You see you still are not good enough to get out.” “You’re not good enough…” “…Never enough.” “You will never be perfect.”

You start to wonder what everyone else sees, it is after all to conceal the dark inside of yourself. Because when you are the perfect master of maintaining your disguise, people will never recognize your sins and scars. These mirrors are a perfect reflection of what your social media and your thoughts tell you and show you. “People would like you more if you were NORMAL.” “Why can’t you just be perfect like her or him.” You cry to be let out of this place in your mind. You have tried to sip on perfection to wash down the shame, face down in the carpet is where you have felt the safest in the hour or torment.

Too often, (I am the same) we all do this to ourselves then the lights go out and I lay my head down to rest we think the most gruesome thoughts and comparisons about ourselves. The sense of being what the “world” deems are perfect and normal. We start to overthink about underachieving that sinks us further into our labyrinth, where the demons (our negative thoughts) creep to always make you feel like you need more and are constantly lonely. Why? Why do we torture ourselves? Are we not children of God?

Can I say just this one thing… Let the light in! Let Christ’s light in!

This is a reminder to look Christ in the eye and let him know that everything is not fine, that sometimes you do not feel like you are good enough or perfect. If we had a chance to be real with no filters would we take it? I want to take it! We all reach together and trust the journey we never have to go alone searching for a key to unlock heavily detailed labyrinth doors. We have to put our foot down feeling homesick in our own home. We all have some broken we are hiding but Christ is telling us to let the light in. To let his grace, confidence, and love in. Start seeing the world in a unique way, our Father’s way, and realize that is a strength from our Father. Never forget he is always watching and guiding us. Don’t keep wishing we are like other peoples filters embrace being different and wonderfully made. Failure is a lie when our Father is here telling us what to do to let the light in. So Let the light in, you are MORE than enough and never forget… You are every inch of our Father’s daughter and son!

Question to Consider: Do I believe I am truly good enough? If I had the chance to be real would I really take it?

Prayer: Dear Father! I have forgotten the reminders you give me to always let the light into my heart so the darkness You have rescued me from cannot take my joy. Help me to be real with You Father but mainly in this filtered world, be a unique sight to those who struggle with loneliness and perfection. Help me to see that I am good enough because I am every inch of my Father’s child.

Recommended Songs to listen to for the week: Do It Again by Elevation Worship; Let The Light by Steffany Gretzinger; Love Song by One sonic Society.

Challenge for the Week: For the remainder of the week text or call someone and let them know how much you appreciate or love them!

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